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"Alejandra has expert knowledge of the Montessori program.  She worked with my daughter at a very early age and helped me understand how to better position and arrange my home and room to serve my daughters needs.  They were all minor adjustments but very effective, which I have since carried over to my son.  The key to Alejandra’s style is that she takes a lot of time to listen and understand the issues or questions you have before she steps in and makes suggestions or changes.  She worked with me and helped me see things better through my daughters eyes.  The transformation and development of my daughter really shined which to me was a clear indication that the improvements that were made by Alejandra were effective and good. Alejandra also helped me refocus the way I communicated with my daughter and how to let her figure out her way, when to step in and when to let her do her thing, and most importantly be her own person.  Alejandra continues to help us refocus and improve the way we interact with our children whenever we have the opportunity to see her and we are blessed and grateful to her.."


                                                             -- Reem Al-Zahawi, mother.

"Alejandra worked with our son for three years in a Spanish immersion program at a Montessori school. She helped him adapt to the language with kindness and consistency. Through her patience and dedication, our son is now able to express himself academically and creatively in Spanish. Age three in a new language can be especially challenging for a little one. But Alejandra helped our son work through conflict and frustration, while encouraging him to be creative and unique. She also communicated effectively with our family so that we could have a unified message at home and at school. Now our son is a confident, kind, thriving and communicative citizen of the world."


                                                                            -- Julia Cervantes, mother.

"I have worked with Mrs. Alejandra Tryon for almost 5 years in a Montessori environment. Before meeting her, I was just about ready to give up on my dream of being a teacher, but when fate landed us together in the same classroom, I started to remember that being a Montessori guide was what I was passionate about. Alejandra knows how to work as a part of team by making sure everyone has a voice and is challenged in order to grow and learn as an educator. She was always respectful, and never afraid to be objective and direct with things I may need to work on. Soon I began to see Alejandra as a friend and a mentor, as well as a teammate. She has taught me how to properly educate young children in a consistent and fun manner.In the classroom I always felt supported and appreciated, and also loved. I believe that she is the reason I am as good as I am. Who knows where I would be without her!"

                                                           -- Isabella Arevalo, Montessori Guide

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