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Immerse. proudly offers Montessori and Spanish Immersion services to Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Concord, Lafayette, Orinda and other surrounding Bay Area cities. Phone and Email consultations also available worldwide.

Free Consultation 

Immerse offers a free consultation session for new clients. Contact me to get started.

School Services

Starting new classrooms

Support in guiding teachers and staff in starting a brand new Spanish Immersion class. This includes materials and room set up, routines and schedules, setting processes and expectations, etc.

Challenging classrooms

Support in identifying and working through specific challenges in existing Montessori classrooms.


Support in making and obtaining proper language materials for Spanish Immersion classrooms.

Parent education

Educational sessions for parents regarding the Montessori method and/or the Spanish Immersion program. What is it? How does it work? What to expect?

Teacher education

Teacher workshops and talks regarding various topics that support and promote a successful Montessori and/or Spanish Immersion classroom.

Admin education

Workshops and talks specific to the administrative staff regarding the Spanish Immersion program (e.g. Enrollment and admissions support, how best to support the teachers, answer parent questions, etc.)

Home Services

Prepared environment

Support in preparing your home to meet your child’s needs, maintain it in an organized manner, avoiding clutter. This could also include support and guidance in bringing the Montessori environment into the home.

Specific challenges

Support in recognizing and working through specific challenges you are experiencing with your child. This could be anything from toilet independence, sleeping or eating habits, tantrums and behavioral issues, setting clear rules and limits, etc.

Group talks

Immerse can provide talks and discussions to groups of parents on a wide range of topics centering around childhood development, Montessori practice, etc.

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